Being as Meaning: A Divinity Without Intention

The quest for meaning has long been the bedrock of human existence, often entwined with our perceptions of divinity and cosmic order. While many people find solace in the intentions and plans of a higher power, others, myself included, wrestle with this idea, seeking an alternative framework that might marry a more ‘existentialist’ approach with …

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We are living in an era when choices have to be made. Should we give up on the dreams of the past, the dreams where humans thought they were more than just the sum of their parts – should we go back to believing that there’s something special about us, something metaphysical? Or should we …

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What are we supposed to do with life? I know there are a million and one set formulas to follow but is there not more to life than following a set of instructions? Of course there is. We can go off-the-narrative-grid if we feel brave enough. Or we can lay in bed and dream. What …

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Yellow Flower

I like words to be clear and simple. Depth-of-meaning can be sought using simple words accessible to everyone. A poem shouldn’t require long convoluted sentences made up of rarely-used, acculturated words to experience a moment of deep connection with nature. It’s not just the well-read intellectual who can experience the beauty and depth of a …

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