Author name: Stephen R K Fender

Dirty Hands

God’s silence is so loud it’s frightening me. I imagine God is silent because I ask too much of God. I want to find certainty when certainty is not possible. The nature of truth is not to know but to understand. Understanding is not a mathematical formula, it cannot be tested in a Large Hadron …

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Being as Meaning: A Divinity Without Intention

The quest for meaning has long been the bedrock of human existence, often entwined with our perceptions of divinity and cosmic order. While many people find solace in the intentions and plans of a higher power, others, myself included, wrestle with this idea, seeking an alternative framework that might marry a more ‘existentialist’ approach with …

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Who Is The Reader?

Unpacking a Complex Relationship The dynamics between a writer and a reader have been the subject of fascination for ages. Far from being a straightforward transaction, this relationship is an intricate synergy that involves expectations, emotions, and intellectual exchanges. But, who is the reader, and what obligations, if any, do they have towards the writer …

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