Exploring Love, Life, and Illusions: A Reflective Poem

It’s amazing how settings can trigger a sort of chain reaction in your thoughts, leading you from the tangible details around you to grander themes like love, safety, and the spectrum of human experience. This happened to me a while back after I went to sit by a lake and spend an afternoon relaxing, watching and listening to the wild geese that have made the lake their home. The end result of that afternoon, was the poem below.


Today is tomorrow and yesterday
and wild garlic and fluttering wings
and my notebook

and worms tunnelling 
under our gardens and migrating geese 
and sunshine

and the lakeside
where the kids used to bathe
and mountains in

pasture and blankets to lay on
and sorrow and bees
collecting nectar and emails to delete

and questions.

Are we people wrapped
in thinking we’re safe? 

Are we a joke 
sweetening a mug
of herbal tea?

Have we lost sight of the one place
we’re safe?

Love is today and tomorrow and
yesterday and grass 
for chomping and boats

and weekdays and bike rides with the kids
and what we say to each other and
sticky-toffee pudding and
everything else

that is pain and joy and suffering and laughter

and everything else
this side of 
wherever we are.

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