We are living in an era when choices have to be made. Should we give up on the dreams of the past, the dreams where humans thought they were more than just the sum of their parts – should we go back to believing that there’s something special about us, something metaphysical? Or should we totally embrace technology and lose ourselves in the network and become just a small bit in a big thinking machine?


I went and got coal this morning
and the world felt real
with light rain and a cool breeze
thrilling my skin,
opening doors to thoughts I’d not had
in a while.

I looked in a mirror
and saw I’d become a resemblance,
a sort of machine,
a maze of wires,
what skin was left looked odd
- as if it didn’t belong.  

Once, we were the children of gods
covered in skin from head to foot,
making mistakes,
embarrassing ourselves,

You know, my friend, 
there’s no going back, this is it.
There’s no hope in wires.
We’ll either drop ourselves
into a network of indifference
or keep our skin and learn to pray again.

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