I have just revisited this poem after writing it a few months (maybe a year) ago. I think it may have been last winter due to the references to potholes. I love writing poetry that challenges our reasoning and I think this one does.

We lose sight of our natural spirituality when we imagine we are in control – and we often believe that. We believe that one day we’ll understand everything – how the world began and how it will end. We also like to imagine that this understanding will, one day, fit within a small equation.

You don’t have to believe in God to believe that life is magical and wonderous. I believe in God but such faith isn’t necessary. We only need to let go of what we think we understand and embrace what we know we don’t understand, to really begin to feel the glory of life.

Bumpy Path

Love is the bumpy-path to God
potholes, uneven camber, u-turns,
it’s how we got here in the first place
as protozoa, dinosaur and as duck-billed

And then we woke God up
prodded him with a religion-stick
moved him into an apartment
and taught him theology. To this day
he bears with us
as we fall in and out of love
but never deep enough
to move beyond the bumpy-path.

Sometimes we imagine we’ll be safe
if we take the world apart
deconstruct ourselves and slay God
but that’ll never work, love
will re-build it all again, 

and again.

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